November 23

OPINION: Look in the Mirror and Reflect


How many people do you know who love this Country? Who appreciate its history and heritage? The sacrifices the people have made to make the United States the best place to live in the World. Where people risked their lives to get here for the dream and the opportunities. The intuition and genius of our founders and framers of the Constitution to have anticipated all of the possibilities of risks we faced. Then have the skill and tenacity to hammer out a Constitution which covered every contingency.

Even more basic what does our name mean? UNITED STATES. The key word meaning UNITED but STATES meaning separate.

The original immigrants and settlers came from all over. Places with hardship and famine for a better life. They immigrated here from Ireland during the potato famine when literally millions of people were dying because of starvation in the early 1800’s. The trip across the Atlantic Ocean was dangerous and in many ways a gamble but they came. From Germany, Russia, Poland and all different parts of Europe. They learned English and worked and had families and started a new world with pride and the sweat off their backs.

Early Immigrants - Ellis Island, USA

Now look at half the Country compared to those brave hard-working people and you see the polar opposite. Immigrants who do not learn English but speak their native language. Owe their allegiance to the Country they came from where they still have siblings and family not the United States. People who are so successful, not only millionaires but the beneficiary of personal success and government or union pensions, who are fat and lazy. It isn’t accidental or not unmeaningful that we have more obesity than any other Country in the world.

How do we survive this apathy and selfishness? To be continued!


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