November 30

OPINION: Who Are Our Friends?


This was much easier to determine 20 years ago or even a decade ago. Now with the age of the internet, smart phones and the media flowing non-stop who can tell? Who we see and hear is not always who we thought they were or who we really know.

We have reached a moment in time where the person we once knew is a superficial friend wearing a transparent mask that we refuse to acknowledge. They are wrapped up in their brand of social media influenced by brain wave after brain wave. Their formal basis for self-generated substance is gone and we now only see a reflection. A hologram of their media air waves. This is the age of make believe caused by media and internet propaganda always unverified in reality. We have become human robots, where any original thoughts have dried up like an empty pond. The concept of “intellectual” has been replaced by a subconscious parroting of rhetoric after rhetoric. Our children are slowly becoming mutes lacking ability and confidence and afraid of being misheard. Their fingers move faster than any original thoughts.

The need for change is rapidly approaching. By choice or forced on us, this polarization of the population will not endure. We need to form our own opinions using our own thought processes and intellect rather than media brain washing.

Stay off social media and pay more attention to your family!


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