November 5

Report: Democrat operative who pushed vote-by-mail also pushed the phony Russian dossier


By PAT DRONEY | November 5, 2020

UNITED STATES- Enjoying all the havoc surrounding the 2020 election? How would you feel if the same Democratic lawyer behind the changes in voting laws across the country that has turned our election process into that of a third-world banana republic was also behind the Russian dossier to smear President Trump for the 2016 election?

Meet Marc Elias, who works for a Washington, DC law firm, Perkins Coie.

Elias also at one time represented one Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign.

He also served as general counsel for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, and works as counsel for the Democratic National Committee, and the party’s House and Senate campaign committees.

The Washington Post reported in 2017 that Elias and Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition “research” against President Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Moreover, many critics claimed that neither Clinton nor the DNC had properly reported the payments to Fusion GPS in campaign finance filings.

To refresh your memory, Fusion GPS hired disgraced former British spy Christopher Steele, who invented the collusion hoax which haunted the Trump campaign and then the first three years of his presidency.

That hoax was ultimately disproven, however cost millions in taxpayer money to fund the Mueller investigation which found no such collusion.

Part of Steele’s handiwork was a phony dossier, which led to the FBI obtaining FISA warrants even though the FBI knew the information was bogus. They were just attempting to fish for some dirt on President Trump and members of his administration.

Breitbart News reported as they have throughout the 2020 election cycle that Elias had demanded changes to voting procedures, such as vote-by-mail nationwide, and less restrictive voting rules, which he suggested in an article in The Atlantic—an anti-Trump pile of birdcage liner.

Lest you doubt that his suggestions had some less than honorable intentions, they were endorsed by Hillary Clinton.

Democrats found a great excuse to totally upend the election system—COVID-19. Under the excuse of trying to “limit the spread” and other such nonsense, Elias made several suggestions, including:

  • Expand curbside voting to ALL ages (unknown if he really meant ALL ages, or just legal ages)
  • Allow early voting on weekends
  • Adopt vote-anywhere rules
  • Create systems for voters to vote at non-peak times in order to reduce lines.

Elias started out by suing or pressuring battleground states, all run by Democrats, to change their voting rules, including Nevada and North Carolina (both of which are currently in the middle of the election hijinks).

In September, the New Republic glowed about Elias, calling him, “The Man Who Is Determined to Stop Trump From Rigging the Election.” Guess they didn’t say anything about Democrats rigging the election.  

According to that article, by early September, Elias was involved in 32 election-related cases in 19 states. Most of that litigation surrounded his so-called “four pillars” of protecting vote by mail:

  • providing prepaid postage from states,
  • counting mail-in ballots as long as they’re postmarked on or before Election Day,
  • making it harder for election officials to toss out ballots if the signature doesn’t exactly match the one on file,
  • letting local groups gather sealed absentee ballots to submit on voters behalf, which in most circles is called ballot harvesting.

That practice was credited in 2018 with flipping some seven House seats in California from Republican to Democrat days after the election.

Elias filed lawsuits to expand early voting in North Carolina and Georgia ostensibly to prevent long lines.

In the ultimate display of hysterical irony, the article quoted Elias as saying:

“Donald Trump has shown a willingness to violate every norm that one associates with the president of the United States, and even the law in order to advance his political interests, and I expect that between now and the election we will continue to see him do everything he can to win reelection.”

Given the circus we’ve been exposed to this week, the only ones showing their “willingness to violate every norm” is the Democratic party.

As President Trump and the Republicans were rightly concerned about when Democratic-controlled states vastly expanded mail-in voting, including Nevada which implemented it a mere six-weeks before the election, we have seen what mass mail-in voting can become.

The Trump campaign rightly sued Pennsylvania, where all 67 election boards were using ballot drop boxes where people could just drop off their ballots, outside of the U.S. Postal Service. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Elias believes the legal system (his legal system) can “protect the integrity of American elections.”

If what we’ve seen the past few days is his definition of “integrity,” we’ll take a hard pass.

Meanwhile, last month Democrat Joe Biden let it “slip” that he had “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Given his mental acuity, did he misspeak or did he inadvertently tell the truth? 

For more on that, we invite you to:


This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. – WASHINGTON D.C. – The concern over election fraud continues and Joe Biden seems to have (accidentally?  mistakenly?) confirmed that it’s happening.

The Biden campaign is ensuring that they win at all costs. During another lackluster virtual campaign event, Joe Biden confirmed that “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of America politics” is in place.

Does this signify the very first time Biden is telling the truth to the American people? If so, beware America and take note that the videos with Biden saying this are out there and so far, they have not been removed; another first for Joe. The evidence is clear that the Biden campaign is doing everything possible to guarantee a win.

“…the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of America politics…”-Joe Biden, RNC Research

According to pollsters, President Trump is currently in position to win the state of Pennsylvania but very well could lose that victory due to voter fraud. This is supported by the Democrat Pennsylvania secretary of state and has the legal backing from a ruling by the state Supreme Court.

Voting rules have been altered in a last-minute attempt to seemingly support a Biden win. Signatures and postmarks are no longer required to vote, which means anything goes. Ballots will be counted even if the postmark is not clear.

And here is the big one, if no proof exists to show that the ballot was mailed after the date of the official election it still counts.

Clearly winning at all costs is the key to this election for the Biden campaign. The Trump campaign continues to battle against blue states who don’t care if this election is won justly and within the parameters of the law.

This is confirmed by the Trafalgar Group’s polling which is showing a clear victory for the President in Pennsylvania. Yet, they too caution that this win could be stolen due to election deception. If Biden’s first attempt at telling the truth is real, then we must brace for what is to come.

One of our many great freedom’s is at stake this November. Our right to participate in free and fair elections is slowly going by the wayside due to the underhanded maneuvers of the Biden campaign. The Biden campaign is using any and all means to steal this election from President Trump.

And while the accusations of conservative conspiracies continue to circulate, some suggest that the evidence is clear in this video of Biden about which side is truly engaging in dirty politics.

The news surrounding this election has not only been completely biased but censored to support the Biden campaign. This too is another attempt at fraudulent election trickery.

Perhaps this video should also be seen as an example of what the Biden campaign does not fear. Biden’s gaffes have some voters cringing and others ignoring his verbal gymnastics.

Here again, we see a tactic that is another stunt out of the Biden campaign playbook. The Come-on Man approach blended with his sarcastic one-liners tend to masquerade as charm and wit. But in reality, they too are a tool to blind voters of what’s truly happening.

Biden may have cleared the low bar set for him in the debate limbo, but his words continue to speak volumes. Voters must be more cautious than ever. Whether or not this is another example of Biden at his worst or perhaps we could claim it is his best since for once he might be telling the truth, the fact remains that something is happening with voting and that we must stay vigilant .

We watched President Trump debate the opposition and the moderators and now we are watching the President campaign not just for our vote, but for justice in our voting system.

If it hasn’t been clear until now with this video of Biden making this claim of cheating, then consider yourself warned. This election has the potential to be stolen by a candidate who has no shame in maneuvering rules and regulations to gain an advantage.

We will never know if this is merely another of Joe’s gaffs that gets passed off as humor or an oops moment, but we cannot overlook this and push it to the sidelines. This election is hanging in the balance and we the people need to fight for our rights and get out and vote.

PAT DRONEY is a retired police officer, having worked in the field in for over 31 years, up to and including the rank of Chief of Police. After retirement, Pat worked as Director of Campus Safety for a private school, as well as Loss Prevention Supervisor in the retail sector. He currently is a supervisor for a large passenger airline. Pat is a proud Reagan conservative patriot, loves his Irish heritage, but especially loves his country and is an unabashed supporter of our military.

Source: Law Enforcement Today
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