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The Dynamic Role of the Silent Majority


by D.J. Wilson
Source: AMAC Magazine
12/24/2020 – 08:00

The US mainstream media has a pattern of embracing liberal ideals and agendas, abandoning fairness in journalism, and reshaping news stories to influence the masses. Moreover, they paint a dark picture of anyone who steps out of the liberal line of thinking by targeting conservatives, Republican leadership, and ordinary citizens. This, in turn, has given way to a silent majority, an unspecified group of people in the country who do not openly express their opinions in public but are often a secret driving force behind election outcomes.

Richard M. Nixon popularized the term “silent majority” in the 1960s. He used it in a televised address in November of 1969: “And so tonight— to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.” Nixon was wise to reach out to this group of Middle Americans who quietly opposed the anti–Vietnam War sentiment and the anti-establishment culture as supported by the press. The silent majority prefer to voice their discourse privately and through the election process rather than in public or through polling.

In 2016, it was no surprise that the Democrats and media expected former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election. Numerous polls showed Clinton leading, and thus a Democratic win was widely projected. When Trump triumphed over Clinton, the left and the press were in a state of shock. It was later acknowledged that rural America and the silent majority were what helped power the win for Trump. The Democrats were left scratching their heads. How did these voters get overlooked in the polls? Why were they guarding their privacy?

Regarding Trump, an untraditional president, the biased media seeks ways to go after him. When news initially broke of possible links between Trump and the Russian government colluding for interference in the 2016 US presidential election, most mainstream media went with the story and presumed Trump to be guilty. Meanwhile, those same news sources gave Clinton free rides by downplaying her roles in numerous controversies, such as Whitewater, Benghazi, and her intentional email fiasco. Only recently has it come to light that Clinton may have played a role in orchestrating a collusion hoax against Trump to distract from her email scandal. However, the press goes easy on Clinton by giving her the benefit of the doubt and labeling it a “hoax,” which they did not do with Trump.

The silent majority’s hesitation to speak out in public may be
worsened by the political discourse currently occurring in
America, with violent protests often making them fearful to
speak out.

In 2017, Trump received tremendous backlash for initiating the withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate accord, despite making the decision because of the unfair economic burden it imposed on American taxpayers, workers, and businesses. Trump also agreed to begin negotiations to re-enter on better terms. The hostile press also went after Trump on countless other occasions, even severely criticizing his trip to Singapore in 2018 to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. The left-leaning media claimed that North Korea had more to gain from the exchange and snubbed Trump’s all-important reason for the visit: to discuss the elimination of the North Korea nuclear arsenal. In 2020, when Trump issued an executive order restricting travel from China to increase US safety during the pandemic, the media jumped on the Joe Biden bandwagon, repeating Biden’s allegations that Trump has a “record of hysteria, xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fearmongering,” attacking Trump’s preparedness to COVID-19. Then, when President Trump attempted to calm the fears of Americans over the coronavirus after contracting the illness himself, the left condemned him for saying, “Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.” Trump was immediately accused by The NY Times and others of undermining public health messages.

Many people are weary of the media’s blatant disrespect of the presidency and of Donald Trump in particular. Furthermore, they view lost patriotism and lack of respect as harmful to society. The silent majority’s hesitation to speak out in public may be worsened by the political discourse currently occurring in America, with violent protests often making them fearful to speak out. Trolling on social media has also grown into a serious and commonplace issue, and despite attempts by social media giants like Facebook to monitor their own sites, it is challenging to guard all social interactions. In some cases, individuals or groups may get away with intentionally making controversial or inflammatory remarks in attempts to silence or bully the opposition. This tactic is often used to intimidate people who have different political thoughts or value systems. It can sometimes be used to tarnish a brand or person’s reputation.

The phrase “silent majority” has also been used by presidents who were in office after Nixon. In 2015, Donald Trump used the term at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, saying, “The silent majority is back, and we are going to take our country back.” The president was referring to the grassroots movement of people who were expected to vote for him but were too afraid to voice their views openly. During the 2016 election, those folks became the invisible glue holding the nation together at a time of great political discourse. Today, with the radical left’s push for socialism in America, calls to defund the police, and failure to address credible allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, marks the time for the silent majority to unite and loudly say, “Enough!”

D.J. Wilson
D.J. Wilson is an independent freelance writer interested in topics pertaining to American freedom, politics, and the US Military. D.J. holds a bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University, PA, and was previously self-employed as a professional organizer.


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