April 12

Discussion Rebooted, Series Introduction


Discussion with Friends and Relatives in this Crazy Environment

by TDS Relief Editorial Staff
Source: TDS Relief

Do you have a friend or relative you avoid due to politics? Do you dance around all the issues for fear of starting a debate you know will turn nasty? Welcome to life in 21st century America.

Discussion of ideas and differences is important. Our nation was formed out of critical debate.  Issues being faced by British colonists settling America in the 18th century were the focus of many difficult discussions, and from it all our independence was established. The unhealthy trend today is to avoid debate and discussion all together. This must change if we’re to leave a nation for our children where freedom, independence, and justice still exist.

If it were one of your kids, you would try to point them in the right direction for their own benefit. Now that much of the media is slanting so much of its reporting, it is hard to deal with the false prejudices that exist with people. However, in our fast-paced lifestyles, and with social media never further away than our own fingertips, it’s not fair to simply blame the individual. Much of our population is becoming brainwashed.

Rather than focus, and ask probing questions, much of our population seeks the path of least resistance. They follow the current trends to keep the peace.

We are at a tipping point and, if you care about your children and grandchildren’s future, you have to speak up. We need to change the narrative and that can only be done with our speaking up and following common sense.

The only thing that will change people is to get them to, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”. It will always lead to the truth, and is very revealing. We have to restore open and honest discussions with each other. We must REBOOT DISCUSSION.

But, how can we reboot discussion in such a divisive time? We must commit to keeping an open mind and really listen before we speak. We must also commit to a conversational tone, not one that is loud or accusatory.

The media is biased by what generates their best interest, not the facts. Look at 60 Minutes trying to distort the truth about a politician to make their point. They should be sued and face fines, but they’ll face no such accountability as it is the media’s narrative. Republican Governor DeSantis of Florida is now the enemy because he is succeeding where Democrat governors have only failed.

The challenge is to learn to be calm and appeal to the facts in a way that shows your friend how it affects their lives. We all suffer from “the easy way-out doctrine”. The longer we wait to become engaged, then the harder it will be to save our Democracy. We are at a tipping point. Once we go over the edge, the United States as we know it will never be the same again.

In our follow-up articles, we will explain in understandable terms how the United States finances our huge debt. How the current leadership and others think we have a credit card with no spending limit, or a blank checkbook.

We all have to start caring and speaking up. Our children and grandchildren will have to pay for our excess spending and lack of caring. Common sense must be restored.

This blog entry was prepared by TDS Relief Editorial Staff.


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